City funding for African American Library

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City Council is set to approve something for “the African American Library”:

23. ORDINANCE approving and authorizing Professional Services Contract between the City of Houston and SMITH & COMPANY ARCHITECTS for the African American Library, GFS E-0144-03-2 – $89,000.00 – Grant Fund – DISTRICT D – EDWARDS

Is this related to the African American Museum the city is working on? And is that plan still to hand over $2 million to an undisclosed group of people who are supposed to create the museum? It would be nice to know some details.

It’s a good thing Mayor White isn’t whining about the city’s lack of money lately, since he’s finding more and more projects to fund. Maybe there’s another bridge and ditch fund the mayor is raiding to pay for the African American Library.

Thanks to Tom Bazan and Ubu Roi for the heads up.

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